There are moments in life when we need to readjust who we are: abandon old forms, integrate disregarded aspects of our selves, or connect to the bigger You inside. This becoming yourself is the essence of the missing religious outlook on life that Carl Jung discovered. Get to know dreams, your inner Guide!

Dreamwork – connecting to your own inner Guide


Why do people dream? You get hurt by your one-sided views, because you are constantly challenged to become something you are meant to be, but which you are not yet. You are always evolving.

Jung showed that dreams show us what we are missing, the opposite side. Dreams become nightmares when it is urgent that we see the opposite side.

Dreams we experience in sleep are your inner guide to find your own unique and personal path, which some describe as to attain to wholeness and health. They carry the stories of who you are meant to become, even when you are unaware, yet it makes a big difference when you can consciously work with them.

It doesn’t matter how much or little you know already, it is hard for all of us to see in our own dreams, because they speak to us from a perspective of who we will or can be, but we can’t know this since we are not there yet. Dreams therefore are ‘symbolic’, meaning they cannot be comprehended directly, and this requires a process of learning like with any other language.

In his discussion of dreams, Dr. Jung stated that he “takes dreams for granted and not as a ‘mere facade behind which something has been carefully hidden.'” In this he disagrees with Freud.

“Freud has made a courageous effort to elucidate the intricacies of dream psychology by the aid of views which he has gathered in the field of psychopathology,” said Dr. Jung. “Much as I admire the boldness of his attempt, I cannot agree with his method and its results. I am doubtful whether we can assume a dream is something else than it appears to be. I am rather inclined to quote another Jewish authority, the Talmud, which says: ‘The dream is its own interpretation.’ The dream is a natural event and there is no reason under the sun why we should assume that it is a crafty device to lead us astray.”

~C.G.  Jung, Contributions to Analytical Psychology

'Flowers in the Alchemical retort'  by Veronica (acrylic on canvas, 80x150cm)

‘Flowers in the Alchemical Retort’ by Veronica (acrylic on canvas, 80x150cm)

I have now been working with dreams for about 25 years. Under Blog (My Red Pencil) you will find my own explorations, some interesting client cases (anonymous), and articles that will help you get my sense of dreams and how they intertwine with our reality.

Through this process I have acquired and developed further the understanding that comes from Jung’s ideas; from mythology, fairy tales and diverse cultural traditions; from dream symbols, connecting long series of dreams over many years with real life events and changes; from carefully listening to body symptoms, and responses to stimuli from all senses.

Yet we must each travel our own road of learning dreams. There is nothing obvious or apparent in dreams; there is no static meaning as in dictionaries that will be a final word. Dreams want you to learn something, to see in yourself things you can’t yet see, but which you alone can discover.

As a counsellor I am a midwife to help you discover your own meaning in dreams. I would be very glad to listen to your case and workout together an approach that may work for you. When you are ready my work will guide you through and support you in this discovery.

Starting a personal process will help You realize how when you learn more and more about your dreams, these become a trusted inner guide, which shows the deeper story within your life, and this will give you  a sense of purpose, energy, contentment and well-being.

I subscribe fully to the statement of professional ethics adopted by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD – click here), and urge everyone to use it as a basic guideline for work with their own and other people’s dreams.


These take place in my workshop in Riga, or during short excursions and retreats. I organize small group trips aroud Europe and also hold smal groups and individual appointments over the Internet. If you would like to set up an appointment please write to askv (at)

Group Sessions

Group work offers a safe context where to explore conflicts, symptoms, and meanings that participants share voluntarily along the process. Sharing dreams, role-playing, performing light exercises, dancing, working with artistic expression, keeping personal diaries are some of the key elements we use to help each participant to gain in their self-knowledge. If you would like to take part of a group please visit our Agenda.

Home Services

If you have difficulty moving around, it is possible to arrange for sessions at your place in the Riga city area.

On-line consultations

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Tailored outings in the city or in the surrounding areas, or short retreats anywhere in Europe (March to October).

“Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. They are pure nature; they show us the unvarnished, natural truth, and are therefore fitted, as nothing else is, to give us back an attitude that accords with our basic human nature .” ~C.G. Jung