Group Sessions

Group work offers a safe context where to explore conflicts, symptoms, and meanings that participants share voluntarily along the process. Sharing dreams, role-playing, performing light exercises, dancing, working with artistic expression, keeping personal diaries are some of the key elements we use to help each participant to gain in their self-knowledge. If you would like to take part of a group or start your own please contact me.

When you are ready or in need to begin a process of self-knowledge my work will guide you through and support you in this discovery. Through our work, you can expect to feel happier and more fulfilled in your relationships, in your job and in your creative life.

Home services

If you have difficulty moving around, it is possible to arrange for sessions at your place in the Riga city area.

On-line consultations

If you cannot come to Riga, I also offer consultations online using Skype video-conferencing and following-up on your work through electronic media and e-mails.


I organize small group trips around Europe and also hold small groups and individual appointments over the Internet. Tailored outings in the city or in the surrounding areas, or short retreats anywhere in Europe (March to October).

Table of Services

  • Talking cure
  • Consultations
  • Group sessions
  • Home services
  • On-line consultations
  • Retreats
  • Thoughts

    CG| Jung

    On the way home after one of  the Aion Lectures Jung said:
    “Yes, those are the people who will carry on my work, single individuals who are suffering and seeking, and who try to take my ideas seriously in their own lives, not the ones who satisfy their vanity by preaching them to others.”