Is your body speaking up? Are you drained of energy, or without focus? Are symptoms not letting you be? If you ever wondered where is that inner animal, your instincts, your senses and pleasures, your ability to become one with yourself, to enjoy a wider range of emotions, harness your mental  power, you will not be disappointed.

Bodylogue – a dialogue with Your body


Your body is like a cat, it will not respond to calls. It acts on its own, wooing may help, but above all it requires careful listening and patience. Like a Chinese box each body holds a secret that will only revel itself of its own accord.

Your body has a very precise and changing need for different foods, movements, stretches. When you learn to pay attention to it, slowly you will discover amazing things.

This is a wonderful dialogue where you will discover how it is possible to engage in meaningful conversation with this strange passenger in our lives. Symptoms become words; functions become people and animals.

There are many reasons to seek a deeper knowledge of your body. As a counsellor and coach I have had a long experience in this process.  I would be very glad to listen to your case and workout together an approach that may work for you.

The body is the instrument where our stress gets locked in, where our repressed emotions, feelings, imagination lie dormant; instrument of our inner music which connects life all around us.


‘Body Forest’ by Veronica Blumentals (120x180cm)

I approach my work with the body as a journey, a very personal journey, a dialogue between body and mind to find soul. The amazing thing is that the journey becomes a way of living, the art of living… It is in my body and dreams where I found for example my own diet as a diamond

A good place to start is to make acquaintance of our bodies at a deeper and more intimate level.  I have discovered how the body can become in all cases, however complex, a well of clear waters where to look for what is new, changing, emerging that makes everyone unique, yet connected.

Reckoning with complex issues like panic, anxiety, carbohydrates, drink, foods, and many aches and other symptoms, continues to give me an ever growing awareness and perception of the reality of my body: not as an object or vehicle but as a companion with its own voice and mystery.

My understanding of the body draws mainly from a dialogue process with the body, where any theories are secondary and the primary thing is carefully listening to body symptoms, and responses to stimuli from all senses.

Starting a personal process will help You discover your own potential from within; it will give you a personal relationship to Your dreams,  body, nutrition, relationships, feelings and a new understanding of real life.

Bodylogue personal sessions

These take place in my workshop in Riga in personal sessions.  We work together with gentle exercises and exploring all Your senses and imagination. You then have to practice at home. The work is guided by Your own body’s responses. It doesn’t really matter how long it may take you, because your body is a companion for life; Your best friend or grouchy partner depending on your relationship.

Together we propose in this way something to the body; we try it out and learn to listen for answers. You have of course lived with your body for quite a while and there is already a lot of information that will be very useful. You may for example have issues with allergies, or uncontrolled appetite when you get the munchies, or a weakness for some foods, or particular likes or dislikes. All these clues will be of great value on your path of learning more about yourself.

Working with Your body you will get to know yourself much better,  perceiving how every action, emotion, like or dislike, are representations of inner realities that connect to an outer situation, a relationship, an idea, a goal.

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