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Over the years I developed my own way of working with body, dreams and soul: Inner-work, and from this grew a practice. It has been a real privilege to develop this also sharing the challenges of clients – often over many years, for the unique experience and feel of the deep life that is within each of us.
INNER work is my own personal way of Jungian analysis, and is the result of my own search for meaning, and working with individuals and couples in many countries for over 20 years.

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Body carries the shadow of life
Life | casts a shadow

My work combines a personal relationship to inner psychic development, nutrition, relationship to the body, dreams, and the development of personal purpose.

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I trained as a ‘Self psychologist’ and thanks to this gradual learning from within, serious work with myself and others, I have come to appreciate and enjoy this work with a passion.

I was encouraged long ago by Jung’s words that lay people of diverse backgrounds can become the best therapists. Psychology, which I always wanted to study as a young person, has become second nature in adult life and a fair companion through a rich and varied life.

My studies include broad studying on Jung and many other authors, psychosomatic factors, body work techniques, nutrition,  dreams, mythology  fairy tales and a host of other things.

My work is my passion, and I will be very glad to discuss your case when the need comes to you.

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My own personal learning continues to grow constantly in contact with individuals and groups undergoing issues that deal with life stages, relationships – personal and professional – and crises including young adulthood, midlife crises, menopause changes, panic and anxiety, loss and grief, illness and old age.

Young women
Life after 50
Chronic ailments
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