Forward and Backward Looking at Once

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January that comes from Janus, door or new

Janustaken from the Etruscan word “jauna” which means “door.” Interestingly, in Latvian it means “new.” Originally,  Janus was honored on the first day of every month,  at the beginning of planting season and again at the harvest. And also he was honored at the most important beginnings in the life of an individual such as birth and marriage.


In the name of Janus…


In the name of Janus,
the January god of transitions and beginnings…
one face looking the past,
the other to the future…

And I … Looking for the third way,
my way, a sort of middle way,
where I feel centred in the coming together of threads of meaning,
and I can drink a little wine while telling you about it…

In his his role as Guardian of Gates, god of Beginnings,  Janus the Porter of Heaven, presided over the transition between the primitive and civilization. Or we would say, between that what is yet unconscious, in nature, and the higher qualities in people.

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