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This form of ‘meditation’ has many levels.  The first thing I do is to take a dream as the ‘horoscope of the day’.

The immediate meaning, the ‘horoscope’ value of a dream

Take today for example, in the dream there was a character, Andrea, a young sassy woman who is going to meet a young man sitting by a glass table, in a big garden. Minutes before I had been sitting there, my pen had fallen under the table, but I couldn’t see it because there were other items there.  I asked the young man for help, and he answered in a rough way, and with some violent contact.

The dream comes under the sign of this moment in time, when I have been working to find a way to write in a more fluid way on my website.  Therefore, a way to take this image as a sign or horoscope for me is something like: ‘after a rough patchy beginning, Andrea the sassy one, will be the one taking care of the work’.

So I will take this moment as  the ‘rough patchy beginning’ and I put in practice what I thought the image meant. I know this is a very partial view, but in time I will get to experience what the image actually means –that is from the perspective of the image itself. More on this later.

In the meantime it is a trial and error process. There is no way to know better. It is not always easy to see a connection, but if at this juncture in my waking life what I am actually doing, like figuring out how to write, corresponds with the dream action, then I will have actual feedback that guides my practice through a lot of possibilities!

To go about discovering deeper meanings…

Then I write down the dream in full and comment on it with what I think is pertinent.  To help with this I keep two kinds of logs: the day log and the body logs.

The first log I keep is what I call my day log. I simply write what I have done in the day– succinctly, nothing too long but enough to give me a hint. Whatever I think I will remember, in no time at all memories blur and one loses recollection, especially so about exact dates. This has served me extremely well and without it would have been practically impossible to discover deeper meanings in my dreams.

This may not be always the case, but very often, in the activity of the day I see  what the dreams are pointing to, as with the writing activity in the example above.  This is always a leap, but in presuming a meaning is present , over time I discover that what appeared as characters or properties, actually do recur and I can then refine or change what I thought they meant initially.

The second log I keep is my bodylog. Here is where I describe what happened while vibrating –this is the way I exercise the body/mind connection (see here). In essence the bodylog is for keeping track for example of pains, images, insights, sensations and colors, which come to me spontaneously during this physical activity.  Like this, if the dream concerns the body, it will very likely contain some of the same elements.

It never ceases to surprise me! The extent of the consistency that is present in this highly symbolic space is simply amazing. The clues which I can visualize in body work prove themselves over and over to coincide with what dreams bring.  They help establish the connection to body parts, or movement or symptoms, in ways one cannot ascribe to pure chance and their consistency leaves little doubt that they correspond to organic processes. It is as if say pain has a color depending of what is going on with me, or that its root may be in my hip, because it looks like Turkey.

Meditation-11, Hand crafted meditation cards. Medium: Acrylic on Paper. Size 40cmx30cm.

Meditation-11, Hand crafted meditation cards. Medium: Acrylic on Paper. Size 40cmx30cm.

Back to dreams, what about the characters?

I know who they are, they are ancestors, descendants, family, partner’s family, friends, significant people, and pubic figures.  There is also another class of people, the unknown. Some have names, like Andrea today, while others have not.  Andrea has a name, and though I know no one with that name, her name has meaning, and this I connect with my story, or with what I am doing at the time.

The name Andrea for example comes from the Greek name Ανδρεας (Andreas), which was derived from ανηρ (aner) “man” (genitive ανδρος –andros, “of a man”). So what does this mean? I trace the tradition of names as far in time as possible, and test how the meaning is consistent from then on. That is, there are some most important figures in myth or traditon that carry the name , and thus te name carries the meaning for what they are remembered.

In the New Testament the apostle Andrew, the first disciple to join Jesus, is the brother of Simon Peter. According to tradition, he later preached in the Black Sea region, with some legends saying he was crucified on an X-shaped cross (which we call today the Saint-Andrew’s cross and use to symbolize rail crossings. [Andrew, being a Greek name, was probably only a nickname or a translation of his real Hebrew name, which is not known.]

With this bit of information at hand, it is time to amplify the meaning of the name and connect it with all personal connections, which in my case have to do with the Black Sea region. Because for me the Black Sea plays a role, the root in apostle Andrew and his activity there, serve as an indication of the relevance of this coincidence.

There are other motifs in dreams, for which I look meanings, etymologies, myths to which they might belong.. the plot thickens..

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