Bar codes in a dream…

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A woman dreams:  “I am to take a long train trip, but have not prepared in time.  I go to the train station and find that there is one to leave at 9 am, but it makes several stops.  Though I am not sure if I will get in time for an appointment in the evening, I decide to take the train any way.

At 10:50 am we make the first stop, we can go out and rest the legs, we have 10 minutes before the train leaves again. Many of us go into the train station to get some beverages.

When we get on again, the train company announces that due to unforeseen mechanical problems, we will not be able to continue the trip.  A man tells me, “don’t worry, this is the bar code, you have all the information here…”

So how do we interpret the bar codes in a dream?

Bar codes in a dream

Context: in life, the next day the woman had a walk along a long hiking trail.  The trail was not particularly difficult, in any case not one that she would consider difficult to do.  Nevertheless, it was a full day hike and the first long trail after winter.  She had some doubts about her participation, but decided to put them aside as she had been looking forward to meet again with the group, and had been walking during winter.

As in the dream, the group began the long walk at 9 am. And precisely at 10:50 the organizers proposed to rest for ten minutes.

When re-initiating the hiking trail, she realized she had a sore knee that forced her to lag behind the group, with two of the experienced hikers.  She finished the trail 6 hours later in excruciating pain and with a swollen knee.  A helicopter rescue was out of the question.

The Bar code in a dream then appear related to this experience. Just like in the dream the train is unable to continue, something in the life of the woman cannot continue. The bar code signifies that what she will experience in life if she does not pay heed to the dream. The information is literally coded in a body experience, in her pain and the excruciating hours of toil.

The bar code in a dream gets thus  imprinted in her memory, as pain is imprinted in the body…and will come to signify an onerous price, a signal to stop and pay attention.

The image in the dream has been bar coded to the outer event…  From now on, when this woman dreams with a train, she will naturally consider  the train as her body energy.  It will come to her as one of the many ways of understanding train images in a dream.

And from now on she will give more serious consideration to her dreams…


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