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“Dream symbols correspond to actual physical realities as an objective situation.” Wolfgang Pauli writes further in his letters about his long term observations.

Cy Twombly, 'The Rose iii'

Cy Twombly, ‘The Rose iii’

Talking about dream language Pauli observes: “The linguistic use of physical and mathematical terms in my dreams seemed to me initially to be the exact opposite of natural; what was most familiar actually struck me as most strange, and for years I attempted to explain away the physical part of the dreams as something not real. ”

“But the reactions of my unconscious were unfavorable and insistent, so that finally I had to cast aside all my reductive explanations and accept that there is actually a connection with physics in the dreams.”

Pauli's kick

Pauli’s kick

Explaining further Pauli says how dreams do connect the mathematical symbolism to other aspects of his own psyche, meaning that they express his personal issues.

But he insists that the physics and mathematics represented are an objective reality independent of his own psychology:

“Having said that, the dreams do not simply refer to modern, traditional physics but synthetically construct for me a sort of correspondentia between psychological and physical facts.

In the process, the physical and mathematical terms are symbolically extended to the unconscious in general and to the individual psyche in particular.  

I abide by my view that this is an objective situation, even if it is presented in a subjective form.”

[From Atom and Archetype, p 118, The Jung and Pauli letters]

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