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Dream of a 50 -55 year old woman…

I am walking through the stone streets of an old city.  I see sturdy stone walls towering me.  I look up to see the old windows with eaves, and imagine how could have been life at the time.  It has the feeling of a medieval town.

I have been walking, enjoying the views, following unknown short cuts through hidden streets and courtyards.. .

A young handsome man comes along in a cream fancy car, a 30s model.  He offers me a ride. He tells me with velvety voice, ‘I can take you anywhere you want.’

I decline.  I want to go slow, walk at my own pace.

Cadillac 1930’s – V16 Red Classic

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She had gone through a very difficult experience which was hard to assimilate, all her world had changed and it was difficult to grasp what laid ahead.

The dream conveys the image of someone that fantasizes if it were possible to stay in the old medieval town, a much more simple life, connected with the past, with no hassle about the future.  The sturdiness of the walls convey a feeling of safety, and protection from the outside world..

Then the handsome man comes along, the energy to go into the world… he has a fancy car…  As if this deep change she has gone through has put her in a better position in terms of how to take the new path…

The tensions are felt between the old medieval town and the modern car, the woman that wants to go slow and the young man that wants speed, to make your own route or to have to go through already made streets, the woman’s age and the young man, the young man with both a fancy and an old car…

All these tensions belong to the image and should be pondered…

Interpretation is a different matter…it is when you connect the dream with your actual life

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