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I dreamt of an old girlfriend, who is on top of me and I can see her naked breasts hanging loose in her blouse. She is in very good spirits and looks her age, slightly younger than me. In looks lovely.

I asked her where is she living now. To this I get an image like an architectural drawing. I can see she lives in an area where the spaces are distributed along an arching street, in very large plots. It is a prestigious area. The avenue ends in a hippodrome shaped structure, which I recognize as the actual Hippodrome.

I ask her if she wants to make love, to which she responded “well yes, of course”.

After an instant, where my wife’s image was with me, I said “No. It is no longer appropriate.”


image: Christine Peloquin

image: Christine Peloquin

This person has a long trajectory in my dreams and has embodied the prostitute and the witch and all kinds of things.

But as time has progressed and I have learned, internalized the meaning for me, the image has been improving in her health, appearance and attitude. From times when she would appear as seductress, or gagged, or in any number of forms -she appears now friendly, free and unconcerned.

Date: #2012-09-02
Title: Evolving faces
#old-girLfriend #man #European #50-55

Ask V

The transformation of the feminine figure throughout many years and many dreams does mean a transformation of the inner feminine – a connection to feeling and emotion on a conscious level.

The feminine is closely connected to the horse, as a form of the body and of energy. A blueprint indeed is a form to see more clearly. Detect the pattern.

The woman as siren is the call of outside values; the projection of the inner feminine unto outside things. The scale of values possibly is now inverted.

Firmly on one wife outside, not dispersed. Inside, a pattern of meanings that connect to the Hippodrome (The course of the horse) – lots to think about this, but clearly is not something where you go round repeatedly, more a ritual space.

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