Your fantasy is a real psychic process

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“The light that gradually dawns on modern man consists in his understanding that his fantasy is a real psychic process which is happening to him personally…
CG Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis (parr 753)

Cy Twombly, 'Min-oe'

Cy Twombly, ‘Min-oe’

We struggle with silly questions as being happy without having the slightest idea of what this means. The fact is that as long as we lead fractured lives, and have no coherent picture of the psychic processes in us – as factor different from a pure biological fact – we will forever remain unhappy.

For better or worse we are not animals any more, and we have grown over the last 2,000 years increasingly further from our bonds to nature. So inevitably, as consciousness has increased, it has done so at the expense of our deeper connectedness.

And despite our mental efforts to be happy, this is impossible while the split with our  lower nature, our animal being, persists.

The bridge in this situation is our natural religious function. I don’t mean religion or dogma, but hat fantasy process through which al our creativity comes to being. That which enables us to actually conceive what is not and believe in it before it ever exists in a physical sense.

I wonder too what is the possibility to find evidence of collective patterns in our fantasies. After all, if these emerge from the collective unconscious, we should be able to see them before they actually become mental ideas. For example as patterns in dreams, we could perhaps cross-reference dreams across a group, this could help seeing expressions of ideas that one cannot yet intellectually formulate.

Cy Twombly, 'Summer Madness'

Cy Twombly, ‘Summer Madness’

But fantasy, the religious function, is still far from our modern mindset. It tends to easily derail into fantasy worlds, which are often mere absurdities, or projected infantile thoughts.

Scientists, or other specialists, in general, are only somewhat aware of their own psychology. For the most part, psychology is to them a pathological condition that interferes with reason.

Yet fantasy is exactly a something that interferes with reason to enable seeing what is not there yet. Like children, who ordinarily play with imaginary things and situations as normal.

This seems to e a condition necessary for the pursuit of happiness, because otherwise, the castrating logic and rationality of the mind, will never allow connecting to that animal part in us.

The case that scientists and modern people have to become more aware of this fact is not so clear to most. When the actor of science or knowledge becomes more aware of HOW his own role as a researcher is part of the story itself, and not just as a narrator of the story, then the possibilities of understanding the subject will improve greatly.

When you recognize your own involvement, you yourself must enter into the process with your personal reactions, just as if you were one of the fantasy figures, or rather, as if the drama being enacted before your eyes were real.  … as a psychic entity – are real…  

If this crucial operation is not carried out, all the changes are left to the glow of images, and you yourself remain unchanged.”

CG Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis (parr 753)


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