Wolfgang Pauli – dreams are everyone's business

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Products of the unconscious, such as dreams, etc., are examined by analysts only in the cases of people who are undergoing analysis. But this presupposes what the physicist describes as a “systematic error”… What I referred to as “group consciousness of the psychotherapists” is an expression of their monopoly position in the study of unconscious processes and the enormous demand for them in patients….

The repeated assertion that the examination of dreams of people who are neither analysts nor in analysis is fundamentally impossible for non-medical purposes has naturally shocked me. For, as a scientist, I am very interested in learning what people dream about, what archetypes crop up and so on when the analyzing women and gentlemen do not intervene.

They should have non-doctors trained for this. … I should like to refer once more again to the necessity of training students who are in a position to conduct independent, scientific investigations (for non-medical purposes) by applying the psychology of the unconscious…

I am fully aware of the fact that there are several ways of being succesful in life, but as regard of academic teaching success, I simply do not know of any criterion other than that of producing students who can work independently.

[Wolfgang Pauli [to Frau Dr. Frey-Rohm from the Curatorium of the C. G. Institute], Atom and Archetype, p 214, edited for Dreamverse… ]

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