What are Big Dreams

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Big dreams are those that when you awake You know are big dreams. It is as if the dream said, ‘this is very important, notice me’, and so there is a response in You that does this (I know I do.)  They have a charge of intensity and clarity in recollection, though they can very short, even a single word,  or they may appear very long and vivid, as a feature movie.

Big dreams tell You they are big by the way you feel and react. They feel more real than real life;  they are special or important in a way they stand apart from others.

They come across like a gem, which image-feeling stays with You for a long time, and which You can recall without much effort.  You may feel the need to protect these big dreams because they are so different, and you feel they could be misconstrued or misinterpreted.

I stand in awe to the things I have seen or done, the people I have met in big dreams.

Big  dreams do not portray Your usual world, or the world of your surroundings as you ordinarily perceive them. They are mostly devoid of personal symbolism (familiar people, situations, places).

The contents of big dreams may include:

  • Physical impossibilities, fire burning or air worlds without containers under  water, or waterfalls from the moon, free-water balls in fire …
  • The physical quality of bodies, transparent or invisible, a green-bluish corpse-like character of the skin, a levitating body…
  • Extraordinary dimensions, standing at heights measured in kilometres; waves in the hundreds, giants that top the Everest…  Or the other way around, people not higher than a millimetre, twins 2-cms high or a Tom-Thumb so small, smaller than the lunula, that when he talks you have to wait for week for the voice to come out..
  • Views of the cosmos and its changes, or of the microcosm and its dynamics…
  • World maps with strange transformations, with the addition or subtraction of countries and strange journeys in unusual landscapes…
  • Flying, floating or falling belong here depending on the kind of flight, through the cosmos or to a star; of floating in ether or alone in the sea as world; of falling softly like a feather or quickly along an extraordinarily immense space…
  • Switching positions in no time, huge pendular movements or at atomic level, time loops and time impossibilities
  • Places and times where and when no-one is there but me
  • Amazing instruments, including the hybrid kind
  • The theriomorphic, anthropomorphic or spirit like quality of gods and goddesses and their divine children, angels and spirits, and aliens…
  • Famous, renowned or important, outstanding wo/men in their subject areas, including celebrities
  • The feeling of awe, fascination, fear and terror, and a sense of “Other”

In the final weighing You need to consider how the dreams appear to you, it is you who knows it is a big dream.  

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