What dreams want

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What do dreams want? …  in these haphazardly composed stories of overlapping images, characters come together in ever-changing relationships, interconnections and tensions.  Time and scenery, colouring, bodies in movement, tones of voices and emotions, they configure a time and space of the dream’s story. What do they want?

I distinctly feel the meaning and relationships  of dream images shift over time, from dream to dream, from one life situation to another.  The sudden change of landscape or pace, going through doors into other realities, bridges I cross that came from nowhere, turns that get me in a different part of the road… silences, interruptions and breaks that overcome me.

Frida Kahlo what do dreams want

In this image world we find ourselves moved into action or reaction; into solving problems or suffering setbacks; indifferent or deeply moved.  We witness and engage (or not) in this intimate other-worldly life every night; a journey into the depths of our lives, into the other life.

The intimacy and proximity in dream images call my attention towards this other world.

…how is it that these characters, my  stories, organize themselves in such weird perspectives?

…how is it they don’t quite fit what I know about them?  What is it that they are trying to tell me?

I patiently write down the images, and draw or paint what they call for. I don’ criticize or interfere…stop my mind from directing things to where I think they ought to go.  The dream is the gift of the night.   I respect its contradictions or sudden changes, its awkward figures, mummies or corpses, numbers or colours.

Like a detective, I set to find clues looking at reality in a different way:

…what does it have to do with my daily life?  where this story coming from? where is it leading to?

…who are the characters? what do I know about them? how do I find them in me?

…how do I get to know what are they telling me?

…how do I find the clues?

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