Jewels in a dream…

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Jewels are precious stones. Their value is in their rarity, translucent quality, and hardness, which make diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds the most precious ones.

Jewels in a dream symbolize the treasure hard to attain. The image presents us with a jewel when its content carries value for ourselves, and might point in which direction we should move to find it.

Rarity tells us it is not of a collective value. The translucent quality and color will tell us what kind of light is shining through. The hardness, the highest value, tells us about the time and energy that will take to give meaning to the stone.

Freeing the jewel – image: Sylvie Malfray

Diamonds are the most difficult to attain. Meaning and mining, the creative part, redeem the fragmented parts of self, making us whole. They renew our sense of self in a new attitude and possibility in life, and the recovery of vitality, the intensity of life.

This work is possible if you are devotedly committed to know yourself, a work that in itself is a diamond.

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