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What is self love?

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Question (30’s year old woman) – what is self love?

How does unconditional, healthy, self love look like? I hear it/ read about it daily and I have to admit I don’t think I really know.

INNERwork Ask V:

Good topic, thank you for the question…let’s see then, what are these terms?
Unconditional love = what is this? it is simply accepting all the parts of what each of us is made of. Firstly within us –  and then we may also do it with others. But it is quite impossible to love anyone in this way if one doesn’t accept oneself first.
What does it look like? well, it is quite simple to see – any comparison you make of yourself against any idea is using an outside standard. This determines a value, good, bad, etc. and means that you can’t yet see from within.
Body questions
Good healthy = when you see from your own center, you know who YOU are – not what your family, society, friends, parents, children, spouse, etc. think, see or expect.
From within = you feel it literally in your body – it is not an idea, it is not words,  hence it is something you must FEEL…so it is not surprising that you cannot read it it or hear it.
KNOWING = having the experience, having the experience is not the same as a happening, it is about internalising feeling

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