Workshop “Core Narratives of the Soul.”

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10 sessions where the Soul talks through the body and its imaginations. Through images the soul shapes our relationships, our body and guides our truest work. I invite you to experience its language and variety.

This workshop is taking place live and you can arrange a group in your home town (in Europe.) It is one session per month over one year in English or Spanish (enquire here).

I also deliver this workshop through tele-conference on the internet to groups no larger than 10 people at a time (sign-up here).

Core Narratives of the Soul workshop

To attend, please fill in your details and send me a message by clicking on the image above

Please note: The Body centered sessions are required in order to have a common language for the Poetics of Relationships.

The workshop will give you the opportunity to explore the basic modes of imaginings in their three aspects of Selfhood, Relationships, and Personal Work, in the company of others who share with you the same interest.

The workshop consists of 10 sessions organized around Selfhood and the Other:

Part I  Selfhood… the Body as root and center of Selfhood:

  1. Introduction. Symbolic readings of the Body. Feminine Body.
  2. Body and Emotion. Masks we wear.
  3. The Inner woman, the Inner man
  4. Mother, Daughter and Virgin
  5. Dark aspects of the feminine and masculine self

Part II  The Other… a Poetics of relationships

  1. Mothers – Sisters – Daughters
  2. Women in relationships with other women. Friends
  3. Woman in relationship with herself.
  4. Women in relationship with Men. Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, Sons
  5. Women in relationship with the Inner man

I invite you to choose a personal subject you would like to work, and we will work it together, privately, along the duration of the workshop…

Feel free toe nquire about online or live workshops – AskV

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