Dream questions: when a diseased man asks me for water, what does it mean?

In Dreamwork by veronica

Thanks for sharing your questions. Dream (Daiga, Latvia)- I see the water in various forms in my dreams. It happens very often. For example, tonight I saw streams of water after the rainfall, swimming pool, as well as a glass of water, which I handed to a diseased man. What would be the meaning of such dream?

Thank you very much indeed.
with best regards Daiga (Latvia)

INNERwork Ask V:

Dear Daiga…   The rainfall is the fertilizing power of water on earth… streams of water run over the soil to give life and make grow the seeds in the fields…

You take a glass of that water and offer it to a diseased man, which points to the healing aspect of the water… the rain water is pure water, where there is growth there is life, movement, change… the diseased man needs the healing water, that fertilizes and multiplies the potentialities of his life…

To have a better image of the meaning of the dream the question to be answered is, who is this man… in you?

I would think that some problem in your life is in the process of finding resolution. It will first feel as overwhelming floods, a lot, too much, swelling from the heavens. This will form first pools, then you will be able to contain at put it to purpose, which is to nurture the sick man within.

These processes take place over time – so this may still be to come. The success in delivering points to a favourable outcome. Your job is indicated as having to cope, applying your faculties to put the water in a glass. This means learning about your own emotions.

Homework: make a drawing or painting of this dream. Make your annotations – this will be the beginning of your glass, so that you are able to give it to the man.[flagallery gid=5 name=Gallery]