Grace, charity and fashion

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” Taking a photography is an unspoken conversation in a shared space where the sitter and the maker reveal their being in a kind of silent dance of escalating trust and affinity.” 

~Melvin Sokolsky

Anger and favor are both the faces of charity, and a duality we must expect in the feminine. So we must expect this somehow also in fashion. Fashion and seasons mark the renewal of life, the beginning of the ascent of new potentials in each of us. And also the end, the decline, the setting of the light.

Melvin Sokolsky, 'Fashion in a Bubble'

Melvin Sokolsky, ‘Fashion in a Bubble’

Like the moon that casts the grey light on things and disperses only tenuous shadows, so its light time puts things in a tolerant perspective.

Fashion is the seasonal aspect of life, which has a quality of Winter-Spring transition; that time when nothing is quite black or white.

It is the changing of or emerging of the new, where I must see my faults, my sadness, my joy…the stuff that connects.

Perhaps it is a strange connection fashion and charity, but they seem to me to go hand in hand. we see it it the shows and events, but it occurs at a very deep level in the psyche as well.

“How hard is fate! If you take a step toward your soul, you will at first miss the meaning. You will believe that you have sunk into meaninglessness, into eternal disorder. You will be right! Nothing will deliver you from disorder  and meaninglessness, since this is the other half of the world.

Your God is a child, so long as you are not childlike. Is the child order, meaning or disorder, caprice? Disorder and meaninglessness are the mother of order and meaning. Order and meaning are things that have become and are no longer becoming.”

~CG Jung, The Red Book

The old Latins needed even three words to translate charis: venus, “beauty”, which was their name for the love-goddess; gratia, “favor”, and “thankfulness”. Collectively, they named the goddesses the Gratiae, or Graces, who danced together by the light of the moon.

They were and are the result of real primeval archetypal masculine and feminine factors – the union of Zeus with Eurynome . The Charites as a gift from heaven bring the meaning “to rejoice”. But also its opposite, erinus and the Erinyes, the vengeance of the female chthonic deities of vengeance.

The two aspects – charis on the one hand, anger and revenge on the other – are the manifestations of one and the same great goddess. Winter, the seasonal change, is the time to mediate and hold this duality within, and from it then the new tree grows, renewing life.

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