boot = size 6

Dream: looking for shoes.part II

In Dreamwork by veronica

Dream (30’s year old woman) – looking for the right shoes II

Dear V, Thank you for the earlier reply and discussion. My dreams have continued as follows.

1st dream: I was walking in the street when my shoe broke. I went to a near by shop to buy a new pair of shoes. I tried on a pair, then took off the left shoe first. The guy who works in the shop asked me to take off the right shoe, he looked at my foot and pressed on a knob on top of my foot – between my big toe and the toe next to it. He said he knew I had a knob there and for 15 000 he can massage it away. I was thinking – it didn’t bother me so why would I want to pay him 15 000!

2nd dream: I was standing with a woman I know in her kitchen. She is baking a cake and wanted me to taste it. It was delicious and I was thinking for somebody who doesn’t really bake, the cake was amazing. (she is a friend from the gym. She’s 58 single, two daughters, one is my age.)

INNERwork Ask V:

The first thing to note is that as soon as you start paying attention to your dream and body images, a real dialogue ensues with the unconscious. The figures and themes seem to carry on in conversation. In the previous dreams you were looking for shoes and you couldn’t find them, so naturally, this search continues.

boot = size 6

The shoe on the right foot

You shared that in real life your shoe broke while going to a place where you were likely to run into your Ex. And then, a few days later you actually did run into him, and felt over this relationship. But you are aware of the recurring pattern here: you feel over it, so why should you invest energy into this (money stands for this meaning)?

The dream offers a clue – when you think with the rational mind, you look for the answer in the left  foot. Yet you have a tendency to fall back into thinking of this Ex. So one could say that left is wrong; it is not helping understand the underlying issue. The character of the store-salesman is a helping figure. He offers to massage the right foot in a precise point.

In your exercises this week you should focus on that point and do the “imagination-work” around that, as we have discussed. Your body holds the answer to freeing the energy locked into this relationship. Paying attention by doing the exercise is equal to an energy/money investment that the man recommends.

15,000 is a particular amount. It is a precise measure and has its qualitative meaning. As part of your work, make every association with it that you can, so we can discuss this.

The second dream also follows the dream series in that it connects the process to how the feminine in you develops. The older woman may represent yourself after reaching a new maturity and understanding – so she is like a part of you, or perhaps a part that you can become. Baking indicates this, as it involves the coagulation of materials under fire, a transformation. Raw materials which seem of little value, joined, produced delicious results.

That she is from the gym, and not from any other social circle, emphasizes the gym, the body as the characteristic of this part of you. The body thus acquires a face, and you may expect that this person comes to symbolise one aspect of your relationship to your own body, possibly one related to exercise, but perhaps also to nutrition.

The previous dream emphasized the right foot, so this should be the starting point for the mind-body awareness exercise.

In following dreams we shall see how the baking progresses, expect raw materials first.