Levels of perception

Inner Journey

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One of the most challenging aspects of commencing your INNERwork is to get a real understanding that there is more to life than you think.

There is a greater depth of experience within reach and this requires using more faculties in you than you are used to. As with anything else, these faculties are awaiting discovery through active attention and dedication.

Levels of perception

Levels of perception - mind and body

Macrobius writes:

By the impulse of the first weight the soul, having started on its downward course from the intersection of the zodiac and the Milky Way to the successive spheres lying beneath, as it passes through these spheres… acquires each of the attributes which it will exercise later.

Descent of the soul

Descent of the soul

In the sphere of Saturn it obtains reason and understanding, called logistikon and theoretikon;

Organising of the mind

Organising of reason and understanding

in Jupiter’s sphere, the power to act, called praktikon;

Jupiter - the capacity to act

in Mars’ sphere, a bold spirit or thymikon;

Mars - acquiring the bold spirit

Mars - acquiring the bold spirit

in the Sun’s sphere, sense-perceptions and imagination, aisthetikon and phantastikon;

Sun =

Sun = sense perception and imagination

in Venus’ sphere, the impulse of passion, epithymetikon;

Venus, passion

Venus, impulse of passion

in Mercury’s sphere, the ability to speak and interpret, hermeneutikon;

Mercury = ability to speak and interpret

Mercury = ability to speak and interpret

and in the Moon, the function of molding and increasing bodies, phytikon.

Moon =

Moon, moulding and increasing bodies

The last function being the farthest removed from the gods, is the first in us and in all the earthly creation.

Earthly creation

Earthly creation

Macrobius, Commentary on the Dream of Scipio. Pp. 136f. EE/AP/134

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