recurring situations

Images as recurring themes

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When you pay attention you often note that there are recurrent themes in life. Birthdays, celebrations, dinners, dances…and bereavements, tears and moments to share also hard truths.

What I want to bring your attention to, is that the most important thing is not the crises or the event itself, but the way we respond or engage in a personal, individual way. Through INNERwork the images change. your perception of your own experiences evolves, and in this way reality around you changes as well.

recurring situations

Recurring situations

In my experience it takes a different length of time for every person to become aware of these patterns or images. One must wait for them to appear. It can take a month or a year, or even longer.

Over time however, it may well be that you can manage with less support. You may reduce the frequency of that support element to twice per month, then monthly, and then even less, as you gain confidence, discipline, strength doing on your own.

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