Standpoint in dreams: looking for the right shoes

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Dream (30’s year old woman) – looking for the right shoes

boot = size 6

Standpoint in your dreams (boot = size 6)


Dear V, what can you tell me of my dreams of last night? I sent you a  message with the detailed context privately.

1st dream: I was looking for shoes at the Pick and Pay clothing store.  They had boots on sale but every time I see a size 6 in the style I want, somebody takes it. My brother was also there, we were discussing the good value for money of the store.

2nd dream: I want to change the towels and curtains in my bathroom from green-blue and yellow to pink. I asked a female figure for help and how much she will charge me to do it.  Then I realise that I can do it myself, it can’t be that difficult to look for new towels and curtains!


INNERwork Ask V:

Is 6 your real-life size? you see…  6 (six) is a number of becoming in reality. If 4 (four) represents completion, the four directions, 6 encompasses the high and the low – creating a volume, occupying a space.

How old is your brother in this image? as now, or as some time ago?  The brother signifies or embodies one representation of the inner masculine in you as a woman. An early carrier of this inner image which is apparently related to your standpoint . The fact that P&P is a good value store and that the focal point is money could indicate that the early values associated with the masculine, spiritual ideas in you formed around a materialistic view point.

Following your previous dreams, one could say that the very spiritual attitude of the conscious mind is a compensation for a concern with material values. At any rate, not finding boots of size and design that fit you personally is to be expected in a collective space like P&P – you are on a personal path to find your stance…

The next dream gives a hint where to you are moving, and this is to connect to a more feeling attitude. A change from green-blue and yellow towards pink indicates feeling.  Bathroom curtains and towels show that the place of the action is the bath, where new attitudes emerge, where personal contents are transformed. this means that our understanding of our own experiences can achieve a new perspective, and sadness and loss can transform into new positive qualities.

You understand this to be something more feminine and realise that this capacity is in you, that it is not so difficult. Not depending on the unknown feminine clerk means that you take greater personal responsibility, as you are in fact doing with the exercises we have discussed.

Thank you for allowing the sharing of your image.




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