Birds as symbols

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Birds symbolize intuition, imagination, creative fantasies, spiritual-airy contents, thoughts, they are free and fly.  A captive bird lacks of freedom, what we feel as compulsion, instinctiveness or the prison of our attitudes, prejudices or collective views…

But man is not a bird, so he might be touched by a certain sense of unreality, a lack of integration of the imagination, in flight.

Birds symbolize intuition, imagination, creative fantasies

Birds symbolize intuition, imagination, creative fantasies

Being difficult to catch, flying and landing as it pleases, the bird in general symbolizes the involuntary concepts and ideas that suddenly come us, they ‘just’ come… and perhaps we get a preconscious awareness of something… If and when I catch it and think it through will it be ‘mine’…

Birds then are symbols of the airy contents of man, of spirit and soul, and the seat of consciousness.  Birds such as the eagle are associated with the male, and the vulture with the female.

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