Images of the Feminine

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The threefold nature of the feminine seems to appear in every aspect of creation. From the beginning Darkness, Water and Earth are the threefold feminine nature of World. Fate, the law of the blood and the longing for immortality which is not to be for mortals, form the darkness of existence.  The spinner, the apportioner and the inevitable give to fate its feminine character.

Anger, retaliation and jealousy

The feminine

Light and dark aspects

Unceasing anger, retaliation and jealousy, are the vengeful aspects of the spilled blood, blood given by mother, spilled blood of any of her creatures. And, in the garden of immortality, three goddesses guard against humans.

The deep terrible aspect of the water is felt in the dark sea of the unconscious, from which the guardians of the threshold where born.

What from the outside is experienced as horrific – the journey into the underworld without preparation; the following of every and any songs from the world.

And the horror of enclosure –  is again beautiful once one has found one’s own boundaries, at peace to have encountered one’s own world.

Feminine Earth

The siren calls
Feminine earth, the firm ground of existence and nature, follows three rhythmical patterns in natural order – in the cycle of plant growth: sprouting, growth and withering. And following the seasons in lawful order, justice and peace.

Past, present and future in the memory of events constitute the ever present reminder of our fate; where practicing, remembering and singing, move the soul to her abode. Flowers, brilliance and splendour, and joy and mirth are the graces of the young maiden.

Mother, Daughter, Crone

The creative engendering in the world

The creative engendering in the world

And in Womans’ history it is as Mother, Daughter and Crone.  In the Psyche it mothers the soul as daughter and virgin; or, it mothers our own individual essence: daughter of ourselves and virgin again, standing the test of time.

The mothering of the new aspect of self that as virgin initiates the long journey to the inner deeper self, to know… the essence of life and death, the mysteries of the feminine of birth, rebirth and immortality.


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