Dream: food replacements

In Dreamwork by veronica

How can I work with this dream? (I am  in my 30’s and I am beginning to date after a few very difficult relationships, and a period of not dating after)


“When I slept over on Friday night I was dreaming him and I were on our way to watch a band (we did watch a band at his club on Friday night), we stopped in a parking lot by the FoodMart centre we both shop.

He went ahead and I went into the FoodMart to buy a small loaf of bread and butter. I went back to the car to put it in the boot and then realised I don’t have the keys to open it and didn’t know what to do with it and I knew he was going to ask me why I decided to buy bread and butter now when we suppose to watch the band. I then put the bag behind the wheel of his car.

The next night I had a dream about comparing the food replacement shakes I take during the week.  My woman friend was the one who also encouraged me to start dating again!) wanted to know what I was using and I gave her prices and told her how great it is working for me.





Ask V:

Food symbolizes that which nurtures us, psychically, physically, spiritually, or/and emotionally..

The new factor in your life, the date, is like bread and butter, food for every day.

The carrier of energy, the car… You didn’t know what to do, confused, a bit anxious…

You want him to handle the situation but you don’t let him know where the food is…

The next dream tells you that although you might feel disoriented, it is working great for you…

Energy on the move!