What is 'Image'

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We use the word image to speak of archetypes as they happen to us personally. An image in this sense is a living form of an archetype – the total of complex facts which expresses not only the form of activity that is taking place as per the archetype, but also the situation that releases it.

Image = personal expression of an archetype, which transforms through work

For anyone it is easier to relate to their own pattern of relationships and associations with their own lives…this is what we call an image.  Every image is a pattern system, different from others, and uses a peculiar language by which the unconscious not only ‘communicates with us’, but also is a means to intuit, perceive, ‘understand’ world and cosmos.

In other words, an image is what allows you to relate to forms and categories, which are archetypally ordained, in a way that makes sense of your own life, and not shrouded in any mystical concepts and ideas.

When you are able to perceive the images – the patterns of relationships and associations, and their triggers – in your own experience, then you have the AH-ha! moment. This is when you get the gist of what you really are meant to do.

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